Michelle Louise is the Founder of What The Popcorn. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family. You will always find Michelle tracking down the popcorn stand at every event she attends. She loves to try new flavors of popcorn and is game to try new popcorn shops that open in her area.

For 20 years Michelle has worked in the high-tech industry which has sent her around the world for work. Seeing the historic sites and looking for popcorn oversees is an adventure she adores.

When Michelle isn’t working you will find her blogging away about popcorn. The UPS driver is her friend from her constant deliveries trying out gourmet popcorn, getting the latest hulless popcorn kernels, or ordering popcorn she can only find online.

Michelle has been popping popcorn since she was a kid with her grandma. Her Grandma had an old heavy stock pot that was perfect for making popcorn. They cooked in Crisco and topped the popcorn with melted butter, and it was a delicious treat.

Her family bought the Wear-Ever Hot Air Popcorn Pumper when it was available in 1978. They loved watching the butter melt and drip onto the kernels and then fly out the shoot into the bowl.

As the years went by Michelle’s love of popcorn never waned and she became a fan of kettle corn her father purchased at a local Farmer’s Market and she has been hooked ever since.

Popcorn as an afternoon treat is a regular thing but most of the popcorn gets consumed at night for a snack while relaxing for the day. We can say that 99% of movies at Michelle’s house are accompanied by popcorn. She will eat it from the microwave, ready to eat, or cooked on the stovetop or popped in an electric popper but a movie gets popcorn.

So, it makes sense that Michelle would choose to start blogging about popcorn and share all her knowledge and experience with you all.