Finding the perfect for your popcorn-loving friend does not have to be difficult. It’s easy to just give them a bag of popcorn and call it a day, but what if you want to do something else? Well, it turns out you’ve got a lot of options!

Popcorn gifts for popcorn lovers are truly a gift they will appreciate. Be creative by adding different flavors of popcorn, add some hulless kernels, and add spices to flavor that fresh popcorn. Popcorn games, popcorn scented candles, popcorn jewelry or even a popcorn maker are sure to be a hit.

We spoke with some popcorn lovers (and reflected on what our inner popcorn lover would enjoy) to find out what kind of gifts they would enjoy receiving. In this article, you will find the 12 best gifts to give to your popcorn-obsessed friend. Each gift is perfect for any holiday or occasion. Let’s take a look!

1. Seasoning Set

The easiest popcorn gift to find is a variety pack of popcorn seasonings. While we did refer to this as a traditional gift, it is still genuinely a good gift. Butter flavored popcorn, though delicious, will eventually bore even the most devoted popcorn lover over time.

Gift your popcorn-loving friend or family member a set of seasonings to spice up their popcorn eating experience. Be sure that the pack you choose includes at least one of their favorite seasonings as well as a couple of others they may not be familiar with!

Do not think that a set of popcorn seasoning is too cliché to give to your friend or family member. The popcorn lovers we spoke with assured us that popcorn seasoning is always a good gift.

With so many popcorn seasonings available, you could give a different set for every special occasion!

2. Gourmet Popping Corn

Like popcorn seasoning, gourmet popping corn is a popular gift to give to popcorn lovers. Although these are frequently given as gifts, this does not make gourmet popping corn any less of a personal and thoughtful gift.

Most popcorn fans stick with what they know. They purchase the standard package of popcorn kernels and may not even realize there are different kinds of popcorn out there. Giving your popcorn-loving friend or family member a set of gourmet popping corns allows them to experiment with the different types of popcorn and find their favorite kind.

You can purchase gourmet popcorn pre-popped or as kernels. Die-hard popcorn lovers will probably prefer the unpopped popcorn kernels.

3. Popcorn Kernel Sifter

There is nothing worse than tossing a handful of popcorn in your mouth and nearly cracking your tooth on an uncooked kernel. As hard as we try to pop every popcorn kernel, there will inevitably always be some unpopped pieces at the bottom of the bowl.

Why does some popcorn not pop? Find out in this quick video!

Help the popcorn fans in your life avoid a cracked tooth by giving them a popcorn kernel sifter. All they need to do is shake the popcorn in the sifter and then enjoy their treat. All the kernels will fall through the sifter and will not end up in their mouth.

4. Personalized Popcorn Bowl

While a generic mixing bowl works for transporting popcorn from the kitchen to the movie room, it can be bland. Spice up your popcorn-loving friend or family member’s movie night by giving them their very own personalized popcorn bowl.

This personalized popcorn bowl can include their favorite movie emblems, their last (or first name), or anything else that would make it a special gift for them.

When giving a personalized popcorn bowl as a gift, remember, it might feel wrong to just give someone an empty bowl. Fill the personalized bowl with your friend or family member’s favorite DVDs, movie theatre candy, popcorn seasonings, popping kernels, and whatever else you desire.

By filling the bowl with these items, they have the perfect excuse to use it for a movie night immediately!

5. Popcorn Variety Pack

While many popcorn lovers enjoy popping and seasoning their popcorn, sometimes it is nice to kick back with some premade popcorn.

There are many different companies that sell hundreds of popcorn flavors. When ordering a variety pack of already popped popcorn, opt for caramel corn varieties. These are the most time-consuming flavors to make and also some of the most delicious!

Additionally, seasoned popcorn does not hold up as well and can often taste stale.

Want to give them more than just a couple of flavors? In that case, you could buy them a popcorn flavor of the month subscription! A popcorn subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. Your family members and friends can look forward to their package arriving each month.

Check out this Popcorn of the Month Club from the Popcorn Factory.

We suggest purchasing a six-month or year subscription. Any longer and the gift can get expensive, but any shorter and your giftee will only get to try a few flavors. You can even do it every other month with the Popcorn Factory’s Popcorn of the Month Club! Spreading the deliveries over several months will make the gift more affordable, but keeps the anticipation high for your family member or friend.

6. Date Night Popcorn Package

The date night popcorn package will be very similar to the personalized popcorn bowl. Whether your popcorn-loving friend is single, in a relationship, or married, they will love this gift. It was regarded highly by the popcorn lovers with whom we spoke.

Get a small bin, bucket, or decorative box from the dollar store (you do not need anything too fancy). Fill the container with everything you would need for a movie date night. Some items you might include in this gift are a gift card to rent a movie, popping kernels, popcorn seasoning, drinks, a small fleece blanket, some movie theatre candy, and whatever else you would like to include.

For the date night gift, opt for the gift card instead of an actual DVD. With a gift card, they can choose the movie they watch. That way, you know they will get a film they like!

So build your popcorn-obsessed friend or family member a date night popcorn package! They are sure to love the effort and creativity that was used to construct it.

7. Popcorn Maker

Some popcorn fans already have their preferred method of popcorn making figured out. For these people, maybe skip over this gift unless they need an upgrade.

While some know the exact way they like their popcorn made, others have not had the chance to experiment with different methods. Allow them to explore their tastes by giving them a popcorn maker.

There are plenty of different popcorn makers available from which you can choose. If you want the look of a classic movie theatre popcorn maker, get them a popcorn trolley. A popcorn trolley is an excellent gift, especially if they have a movie room. Your popcorn maker gift will make a perfect addition to their theatre room.

If your giftee prefers to air pop their popcorn, get them an air popper upgrade! Air poppers come in all different shapes and sizes. Many of them are even movie-themed. If they have a favorite movie, try to find them an air popper that’s themed after it!

Not sure you can find an air popper to fit their favorite movie? There are superheroes, Star Wars, and even SpongeBob-themed air poppers. If you can imagine it, you can probably find it in an air popper. Or at the very least you can get close.

8. Popcorn Pans

There are still other ways to cook popcorn beyond just the movie theatre trolley or an air popper. If your popcorn-loving friend or family member does not use a popcorn trolley or an air popper, they likely use a regular saucepan or are used to microwaving their popcorn.

The best gift my friend has ever received was a “popcorn pan.” To many, this pan is just a run-of-the-mill, red, non-stick saucepan. To my friend, this is her most prized possession. The popcorn pan is not to be used for any other form of cooking and is stored almost ceremoniously.

If your popcorn-loving friend or family member uses whatever saucepan they pull out of the cabinet, get them a dedicated popcorn pan. If they have never cooked popcorn on the stove before, provide them with some popping kernels and instructions too.

Popcorn is delicious to eat anywhere, but unfortunately, it is easiest to cook when we are at home. Instead of an at-home popcorn pan, you could also get your popcorn-loving friend or family member a campfire popper. With the campfire popcorn popper, they can enjoy their favorite snack, no matter where they are.

9. Popcorn Scented Candles

While many popcorn lovers would enjoy eating popcorn all the time, it simply is not practical or healthy. But just because they cannot eat popcorn all the time does not mean they cannot smell it all the time!

For some, the smell of the popcorn may be what they love most about it. For these friends or family members, a popcorn-scented candle is an excellent choice. They no longer have to make popcorn to enjoy their favorite smell. There are even different candles for different types of popcorn! Your popcorn-loving friend or family member will never get bored of the scent of popcorn if they get a variety of popcorn aromas.

If your popcorn-loving friend or family member does not like open flames, there are popcorn-scented wax melters. A wax melter works just like a candle, just without the fire. Plug the wax melter in, and enjoy the smell of popcorn filling the air.

For those popcorn lovers devoted to the smell of popcorn, there are even popcorn-scented car fresheners. Hang a few of these in their car, and they will feel like they are at the movie theatre all the time!

10. Butter Dispenser

When making popcorn from scratch, the most challenging part of the process–and often the most frustrating–is getting the butter to spread evenly throughout the popcorn. You pour the melted butter over the popped corn and shake the bowl, hoping to spread the butter, and somehow it never works.

Some pieces have the perfect amount, others are soggy with butter, and the rest are entirely butter-free. Solve this catastrophe for your popcorn-loving friend or family member by gifting them a butter dispenser.

A butter dispenser lets you microwave the butter in it and then sprays it evenly over the bowl of popcorn. Give the bowl a few shakes and coat the new layer. Do this until all the butter is gone, and voila! No more flavorless pieces of popcorn.

Any popcorn lover is sure to adore this gift.

11. Pass the Popcorn

As much as we love eating popcorn, not every gift has to relate to that. However, this gift idea may encourage some to make a bowl to snack while your popcorn-loving family member or friend enjoys it.

“Pass the Popcorn” is a game about movie trivia. True popcorn lovers also tend to be movie buffs. Test their knowledge with this fun board game! Take a sneak peak at how to play Pass the Popcorn in the following video.

Check out Pass the Popcorn here!

There are plenty of other movie trivia games available other than Pass the Popcorn. Find the game best suited for your friend or family member’s movie knowledge. If you want to push their movie intelligence, get them a game with movie trivia they know little about. Doing so will give them the chance to pop some popcorn and watch some movies to prepare for their new game.

No matter what game you get your popcorn-loving friend, encourage them to snack on popcorn while they play!

12. Popcorn Jewelry

While popcorn jewelry might seem cheesy–or rather, corny– the popcorn fan in your life might love these adorable trinkets.

There are all different types of popcorn-themed jewelry. You could get someone a popcorn-inspired ring, popcorn charm bracelet, popcorn necklace, and even popcorn earrings. Many of these pieces can be very cute!

Is your popcorn-loving friend or family member not a fan of wearing jewelry? Not a problem! There are popcorn-themed key chains, popcorn audio jack plugs, and popcorn phone cases. No matter what their style is, there is a popcorn-themed item that fits it.

The best popcorn-related gift I have ever received was a set of movie theatre popcorn socks! These socks are my go-to pair whenever a movie is on. Do not be afraid to get a gift that seems slightly silly, because it might be just the thing that your giftee will love!

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