Popcorn is a universally loved snack, not just with people but also with many animals! What about alpacas and llamas—can they eat popcorn?

Alpacas and llamas can eat small amounts of plain, unflavored popcorn without many concerns. Sugars and other kinds of flavor coatings and powders you can add to popcorn can be dangerous to these animals as they can irritate their stomachs, cause digestion problems, or make them sick.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have learned everything you need to know about whether or not you can or should feed alpacas and llamas popcorn. It includes learning about what their diets typically consist of and what effects popcorn can have on their digestion.

What Do Alpacas and Llama Normally Eat?

Before learning more about what role popcorn can play in an alpaca or llama’s diet, it’s important to know what they typically eat.

Alpacas and llamas are very similar animals with comparable diets that are interchangeable. 

Alpacas and llamas normally eat plants. Since they’re herbivores, they can’t process or digest meat at all. For a healthy diet, alpacas should mostly eat grass or hay and should be allowed to graze. 

What Food Should Llamas and Alpacas Avoid?

Like all animals, alpacas and llamas can’t eat everything. While some foods can be eaten in small amounts, others should be avoided entirely.

Like all animals, alpacas and llamas can’t eat everything. While they can eat some foods in small amounts, they should avoid others entirely.

Llamas and alpacas should avoid food that contains meat, sugar, or anything with artificial colorings and flavorings. These animals are herbivores, so they eat plant-based food, like grass. However, note that not all grasses are suitable for all llamas and alpacas.

Are All Types of Grasses and Plants Okay?

Not all types of grasses and plants are okay for llamas and alpacas. Grasses like alfalfa can be harmful to pregnant and nursing llamas and alpacas. Other adults can eat alfalfa, but they should eat it in moderation.

However, while large amounts of this grass should be avoided, it does contain protein which is essential for llamas and alpacas to have in their diet. Just make sure your alpaca or llama mostly eats other types of grass and hay.

Can Llamas and Alpacas Eat Grains?

Llamas and alpacas can eat grains. But make sure you only feed them grains in small portions. High amounts of carbs are not good for these animals and can cause serious digestive issues. 

As long as you feed your llamas low-sugar grains and grain pellets, this sort of food can be eaten in small amounts.

What Foods Are Bad for Llamas and Alpacas To Eat?

Sugars, even the natural kind like you would find in fruit, and high starch foods, like potatoes, are bad for llamas and alpacas to eat. Therefore, you should avoid giving these to them. These sorts of foods can cause digestive issues and intestinal problems.

On top of sugars, some foods that are toxic to llamas and alpacas are: 

  • All animal products (cheese, milk, meat, etc.)
  • Kale
  • Avocado

How Much Is Too Much Popcorn?

As you’ve seen, popcorn doesn’t show up on the list of foods alpacas and llamas should avoid. 

However, it still shouldn’t be a regular part of their diets. 

Alpacas, in particular, are known for getting used to human food, corn included. Corn, however, isn’t a very nutritious addition to an alpaca diet. 

That’s because, while you and I might think of corn as a vegetable, it isn’t. Corn is a vegetable, fruit, and grain in its unpopped form.

When it’s popped, it becomes a whole grain, and since a lot of grain isn’t good for alpacas and llamas, they shouldn’t be given much popcorn to snack on if you want them to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Too much popcorn is when the popcorn becomes the main diet of your alpacas and llamas. You also know that you’re giving your llamas and alpacas too much popcorn if they get bloated or experience upset stomachs.

What Does Too Much Popcorn Do to Llamas and Alpacas?

While small amounts of plain, unsalted, butter-free popcorn can make a nice treat for an alpaca or llama, too much can be dangerous. 

Too much popcorn can make llamas and alpacas experience intestinal issues. It can also cause them to feel a little bit bloated. Also, since popped corn is a grain, llamas and alpacas can develop grain overload when fed too much popcorn. Too much grain can cause too much lactic acid.

When grain produces too much lactic acid, it can become toxic for the animals. It causes many problems in a llama or alpaca’s general health, from making them seem tired and depressed to dehydration.

Also, it can even be fatal. 

Therefore, it’s best to make sure that you limit the amount of popcorn your llama and alpaca eat, no matter how much they may enjoy snacking on it.

What About Popcorn Flavors?

Since popcorn is okay for alpacas and llamas when eaten in moderation, you might be tempted to make this treat even more special by feeding your llama or alpaca a flavored popcorn.

This is the wrong decision.

There’s a huge difference between plain popcorn and flavored popcorn, especially when it comes to the health of llamas and alpacas. 

Popcorn flavors are not good for llamas and alpacas because they contain a lot of sugar. Sugar is not good for these animals, especially in high amounts. That’s because sugar can cause issues like bloat.

That said, avoid giving sugar to llamas and alpacas, including flavored popcorn.

Can You Give Alpacas and Llamas Sweetened Popcorn?

You cannot give sweetened popcorn to alpacas and llamas. Popcorn like kettle corn or caramel corn is bad for llamas and alpacas because they contain sugar. Sugar can lead to many sorts of digestion problems in these animals. It can cause them to bloat or have upset stomachs. 

Llamas and alpacas can even develop acidosis, which happens when there’s too much acid in their bodies. This issue can also cause more severe health concerns.

Is Butter Okay?

Butter is not okay for llamas and alpacas, whether they’re animal- or plant-based butter. While butter may seem like a bland flavoring for most people, the high-fat content isn’t great for llamas or alpacas. Also, since these animals are herbivores, they can’t eat animal-product butter.

Is Any Flavored Popcorn Okay?

Any flavored popcorn is not okay for llamas and alpacas. While popcorn flavoring might be mild to people, even a small amount of it, whether natural or artificial, can irritate an alpaca or llama’s stomach or digestive tract.

That said, don’t give these animals flavored popcorn. Plain popcorn is fine, but only in a moderate amount.


Some alpacas and llamas couldn’t care less about eating popcorn if you offered it to them, while others would eat a bucket of the stuff if you let them. 

If that’s the case, giving an alpaca or llama a small amount of plain popcorn every once in a while shouldn’t be a problem. 

However, popcorn shouldn’t be a staple part of their diet to avoid health problems like an upset stomach, digestion problems, or other health issues.

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