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When most people think about popcorn, they typically imagine a big bowl with a dash of salt or pepper (and of course, melted butter) not hot sauce. While there’s no limit to customizing popcorn the way you’d like, when’s the last time you saw someone bust out a bottle of Tabasco?

Putting hot sauce on popcorn can be done and to prevent the popcorn from getting soggy, you can put it in a cooking spray bottle and mist your popcorn. Hot sauce is low in calories, making it a good option for those watching calories.  Hot sauce also comes in many flavors so you won’t get bored.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “can I put hot sauce on my popcorn?”, this helpful guide will let you know what to expect.

Why Would Someone Enjoy Hot Sauce On Popcorn? 

Hot sauce is a favorite topping for many foods and the reason may surprise you; it’s all about what’s happening in the brain. Fanatics obsess about this condiment because it causes the pituitary gland to release endorphins, otherwise known as the happy chemical.

In fact, the spice can be craved much like you would a salty or sweet snack. It can be a home run for the brain when you combine the saltiness of the popcorn and the spice of the hot sauce.

How Do You Eat Popcorn With Hot Sauce? 

For newcomers who haven’t tried hot sauce on popcorn yet, you might want to start with the dipping method first. Treat your popcorn like a chicken nugget and your hot sauce like barbecue sauce and dip it in!

This method lets you control how much sauce you’re putting on each kernel. If you like a little more heat, place your popcorn in a large bowl and drizzle the hot sauce over the popcorn.

The drizzle works if you just want to get down to eating quickly. Important note: not all of the popcorn will have an even distribution of hot sauce.

Also, you may want to consider warming your hot sauce in the microwave for a few seconds if you keep it in the refrigerator. 

If you’re a true popcorn connoisseur, you’ll definitely need to try the shake method. Start by drizzling a generous amount inside the popcorn bag and be sure to close it tightly (unless you want hot sauce-covered walls).

Then, give it a hefty shake for 20-30 seconds. All of the kernels will be evenly coated with spicy deliciousness.

Will My Popcorn Get Soggy If I Use Hot Sauce? 

If you don’t plan on eating your popcorn right away, it will get a little soggy, but no need to worry. There are several ways to have that taste you want without feeling like you’re eating a sponge.

You could use a spray bottle, similar to how you apply olive oil and put hot sauce in it instead. Then, as you are eating your popcorn, you can simply spray more hot sauce on it as needed. Another easy idea is “saucing as you go”, meaning you just drizzle more hot sauce on the kernels as you continue to eat. 

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What Kind Of Hot Sauce Works Best For Popcorn? 

As you already probably know, there is a myriad of different hot sauces available at the store. You might be wondering which brands offer the best tasty combination with your popcorn.

Honestly, most brands will work well, as long as the consistency isn’t too thick and is a tomato-vinegar-based mixture.

You’ll want to stay away from any sauces that have mustard as the base. Those who wish for even more heat can opt for extra hot or jalapeno-based hot sauces.

What Type Of Popcorn Should I Put Hot Sauce On? 

Just like the many choices of hot sauces, there are different kinds of popcorn to consider as well. If you’re cooking on the stovetop or air popper, yellow or white kernels can both give you the outcome you want.

However, popping in the microwave gives you access to dozens of flavor combinations.

Obviously, you’d probably need to be pretty brave to try a sweet option (such as caramel popcorn). Conversely, any butter or simple salted variety is perhaps the best choice.

If you’ve ever made hot wing sauce, you know that butter and hot sauce are needed, so you can see why this combination works well.

Is Eating Hot Sauce On Popcorn Unhealthy? 

One of the best things about hot sauce is its low-calorie count. However, if you’re consuming copious amounts, you could experience some heartburn or an upset stomach.

Experts agree that this condiment has several health benefits. A natural ingredient found in peppers, called capsaicin, provides the spicy taste you love.

Studies have shown capsaicin is good for heart health. So, if you want to indulge in a late-night snack, you won’t have to feel guilty about putting some hot sauce on your popcorn.

 Should I Eat Hot Sauce With Popcorn With My Bare Hands? 

If you’ve eaten hot sauce on any other food before you know it’s notorious for leaving red stains on your fingers. You may even notice the hot sauce smell on your hands is still lingering long after you’ve washed them.

If you’re not a fan, just break out a spoon and eat! Of course, your spouse might give you a funny look, but then again, it’s your popcorn!

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What Is The Verdict For Putting Hot Sauce On Popcorn? 

Absolutely go for it! No matter how you decide to put hot sauce on popcorn, you’ll love the idea of trying something new for your evening snack.

It’s such a simple idea, but the flavor it provides can be off the charts! So, the next time you make popcorn, give it a try, and maybe convince a friend or two to have some with you.

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