There’s no denying the popularity of making popcorn in the microwave, especially store-bought packs. But if you’re pressed on time and looking for a homemade touch, you can do it differently than just opening a plastic sleeve and pushing a button.

To make popcorn in the microwave you just need popcorn kernels and a paper bag or microwave bowl, or silicone popper. Place the kernels in your popcorn container and place in the microwave on high for 4 minutes. When you hear a few second delay between popping, remove your popcorn container.

The great news here is that the following recipes only require a few ingredients, and they’ll taste amazing! Let’s discover a few ways to pop popcorn in the microwave in just a few minutes’ time.

Can I Use A Paper Bag To Make Popcorn? 

Rather than using a pre-made bag from the store, why not create this delicious snack with your own paper bag? All you need to do is layer the bottom of a medium-sized brown paper bag with popcorn kernels.

Second, fold the bag over twice and lay it on the side. (this allows the kernels to distribute evenly). Depending on how much popcorn you put in the bag (usually 1/2 cup), it takes anywhere between 2-4 minutes for the popcorn to finish popping.

Once you hear more than three seconds between pops, the popcorn has finished. Remove from the microwave and place it inside a bowl and enjoy. You may be surprised to discover that no oil is needed when you’re doing it this way! 

Tip 1: You can also in a small bowl mix a little bit of oil with the popcorn kernels so they are lightly coated before you put them in the paper bag.

Tip 2: You can melt 2 tablespoon of butter in the microwave in a small glass ramakin or small coffee mug and once the popcorn is done, drizzles in the bag and close and shake it to coat the popcorn add salt to taste.

How Can I Use A Stasher Bag To Make Popcorn? 

If you haven’t heard of a stasher bag, it’s essentially a reusable bag that you can use to make popcorn (made out of silicone). Add 1/2 cup kernels to the bag and fold over twice. Wait about 2-3 minutes or until the popping slows down. You do need to watch carefully so it doesn’t burn. 

You can use the same 2 tips above to add oil and butter to the bag.

Can I Use A Glass Bowl To Make Popcorn? 

You may be somewhat hesitant to make popcorn in a glass bowl, but it can be done. For this method, you’ll need a microwave-safe plate to place on top of the bowl (use it to serve as a lid). For this recipe, you don’t need to add any oil but you can if you want usually around 1/2 teaspoon and mix to cover the kernels. Add the 1/2 cup kernels to the base of your bowl.

Turn on high for about 3-5 minutes before the kernels finish popping. After you hear more than a few seconds between pops, the popcorn is ready to be taken out of the microwave.

However, do be careful and use an oven mitt to remove the bowl as the edges will be hot. You can add butter and salt to taste.

How Can I Make Popcorn In A Silicone Popper Bowl? 

Silicone collapsible bowls have become quite popular for making popcorn recently. They integrate nicely into your kitchen cupboards and don’t take up much space at all. These ingenious creations are a breeze to make popcorn with, and have a similar result to making air-popped popcorn.

To start, add a tablespoon of oil at the base of the popper bowl and move it around so it’s evenly coated. Next, add a half cup of popcorn kernels and a pinch of salt. You do need to remember to put the lid on unless you want popcorn flying all over your microwave.

After a few minutes or if you’ve heard the popping start to slow, you can take it out of the microwave. Again, do remember the bowl will be hot, so grab your oven mitts again or you can use a folded kitchen towel. 

These poppers are so convenient because you can eat your popcorn right out of the bowl and most are dishwasher safe.  Add butter and salt to taste.

Is It Safe To Make Popcorn In The Microwave Without A Bag? 

When it comes to making popcorn in the microwave, the majority of us are used to putting a pre-packed bag into the microwave and pressing start. However, it is completely safe to make popcorn using the other methods mentioned above.

Did you know that many pre-packed bags contain perfluorooctanoic acid, which has been proven to have a negative health effect on humans? Additionally, these bags often contain excess amounts of sodium or fat. Making it yourself can be a far healthier option. 

How Can I Add Flavor To My Popcorn From The Microwave? 

Popcorn is already delicious by itself, but there’s a seemingly unlimited way to spruce it up a bit. Whether you like spicy, cheesy, sweet, or salty, there’s something for everybody. Below are just a few ways to make one of your favorite snacks taste even better!

  • Use sea salt and olive oil
  • Melted butter mixed with honey
  • Parmesan cheese, garlic salt, and Italian seasoning
  • Melted caramel and chocolate chips

Can I Store Leftover Popcorn I Haven’t Eaten From The Microwave? 

Any popcorn is best eaten when its fresh, but there is a way to store it correctly. If you use an air-tight container, it typically lasts 1-2 weeks. However, make sure the popcorn has cooled completely before placing it in any storage container.

Don’t add any additional flavorings, seasoning, or salt, and it will keep much longer. You can leave it sit out at room temperature as well. 

Microwave popcorn is a delicious snack that’s easy to make. Not only does it taste just as good, but you can also feel better about what you’re eating because microwaving your own bag of popcorn allows you to control the ingredients and eliminate any unwanted additives or preservatives from entering your body.

If one of these microwave-friendly recipes sounds like something you’d enjoy, be sure to give them a try next time! 

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