If you’re a popcorn lover, then you know there are many different ways to create this beloved snack. One of those often overlooked methods is using Jiffy Pop. It makes a delicious batch of popcorn every time.

Making Jiffy Pop Popcorn is simple, first take the carboard off the top, then turn on the stove, place the pan on the burner and shake the pan. As it pops, the tin foil will grow and make a peak. Once popped, remove from the heat, open the tin foil, pour in a bowl and season to taste and enjoy.

Popcorn lovers are always searching for a way to spruce up their favorite snack. Whether you’ve used one in the past or you haven’t tried using one at all, Jiffy Pop makes perfect popcorn every time. They’re just fun to use as well!

What Is Jiffy Pop? 

Frederick C. Mennen was credited with the invention of the Jiffy Pop in 1958. Although simplistic in nature, it goes above and beyond your highest expectations. The current product you buy contains popcorn kernels, oil, and other flavorings (such as butter) that are part of a heavy-duty aluminum pan.

The lid is expandable, made from aluminum, covering your beautifully popped kernels. Once the pan starts to heat up on the stove, the lid will expand and fold back like a balloon. It does look a little weird at first, but you’ll fall in love with making popcorn this way once you try.

Is Jiffy Pop Still Available? 

In recent years, using the Jiffy Pop has made a big comeback. This product is returning first because of the consumer’s demand for a healthier option over microwaved popcorn. Microwaved popcorn can contain harmful chemicals used for preservation methods and added amounts of unhealthy fats and sodium.

Conversely, making the snack with a Jiffy Pop gives you more control of ingredients (you can add a touch of olive oil and butter, for example). Jiffy Pops are available directly on their website by their maker, ConAgra Foods. Alternatively, you can always check out Amazon, which has options available for single or bulk buying.

How Do I Pop Jiffy Pop Popcorn On The Stove? 

The design of the Jiffy Pop is for use over a stovetop. While not recommended, it is possible to make it over a campfire. However, below are the following steps to use to produce popcorn that isn’t burnt. 

  • Make sure the Jiffy Pop itself doesn’t have any dents or holes in it, as that could lead to possible burning.
  • Peel back the cardboard cover slowly to avoid putting a puncture in the foil, which would lead to improper popping.
  • Get your burner set to medium heat if you’re using gas. For electric stovetops, wait at least three minutes until the spot is heated to the desired temperature.
  • Carefully place your Jiffy Pop on the stovetop, with the handle facing towards you. Then, the oil and butter inside will begin to heat up. Listen carefully for the sizzling sound, and then you’re ready for the next part in the process.
  • Get your muscles ready and start shaking the pan in a circular motion. A rapid, clockwise movement always works best, so all your kernels get cooked. If you do this step correctly, your popcorn will start to fill up the aluminum foil and make a ball shape.
  • As the popping starts to slow, you can take the pan off the stove. Don’t worry about getting every kernel popped because you’ll end up burning the whole batch. You can use a knife to make a hole or two in the side to release steam, but be careful not to get burned. Carefully pull back the remaining aluminum foil to enjoy your creation. 

Can I Use A Jiffy Pop Over Direct Flames? 

Considering the design of the Jiffy Pop, you can’t help but wonder if this invention could be used outside. Wouldn’t it be a fun way to keep the kids entertained while making a good-tasting snack? Yes, you can, but it’s important to be careful. If you’re using a fire pit, for example, the area becomes extremely hot.

For best results over direct heat, you’ll want to hold your Jiffy Pop about 1-2 inches above the flames and follow the same steps as listed above. Holding them too close to the heat could not only burn your hands, but you’ll risk ruining the popcorn as well. As an extra layer of precaution, wear a flame-resistant glove and always have an adult make it with any children at least 4-5 feet away. 

How Is Jiffy Pop Different Than Microwaved Popcorn? 

Air pressure is primarily responsible when you make a bag of popcorn in the microwave. Starch is found inside the kernel that expands, creating the fluffy result you love. Conversely, Jiffy Pops use a combination of moisture and heat.

When you compare the nutrition, both have around 100 calories per serving, but the Jiffy Pop has less overall fat. Also, if you’ve made popcorn on the stovetop before, it has more of a natural taste that many prefer over the microwaved variety.

You can always play around with adding additional spices or other flavorings to give your popcorn more flavor, such as garlic powder, chili powder, or paprika. It tastes just as good just using a little salt and pepper and some canola oil as well.

 A Jiffy Pop is yet another way to make popcorn. So if you want a fun and exciting way to make your favorite snack, be sure to give it a try! Not only will you love making it, but you’ll enjoy how the final product tastes as well. It’s an exciting process that will leave you with delicious popcorn every time. Who knows – you could even start making it for family movie nights every weekend!

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