Buttery for popcorn

Do you love the buttery taste of movie theater popcorn but hate how soggy it becomes once it cools? Now there is a way to have your popcorn turn out just as buttery without being soggy.

To make microwave popcorn extra buttery, melt some butter while your bag is popping and when it is done you will mix the butter and popcorn together in a bowl. Put butter on a small amount of popcorn and mix it, then add more popcorn and add butter and mix again until the popcorn is evenly coated.

All you need is some microwave popcorn, some melted butter, and a few tools.  This article will show you how to make microwave popcorn that tastes just like what you would get from the movie theatre!

Steps for Making Microwave Popcorn Extra Buttery

1.   Pop Your Microwave Bag of Popcorn

The first step to making extra buttery microwave popcorn is to stick your bag in the microwave and start popping.

You’ll want to complete the second step in this process as your bag is popping. You want to align both steps so they are finished at the same time.

2.   Melt Your Butter for Your Popcorn

As your popcorn is doing its thing in the microwave, get out a small pan or pot and about a half tablespoon of butter. Over time, you’ll be able to adjust how much butter you add to fit your taste preference.

Put the pot on medium to medium-low heat. You don’t want to heat up your stove too much because the butter has a low smoking point. That means that it won’t take much for your butter to start melting and burn off.

Try to time your butter with your popcorn so that they both finish at about the same time. You don’t want your butter to start solidifying because then it won’t spread evenly on your popcorn.

You’ll end up having soggy popcorn after all your hard work.

3.   Mix Your Popcorn in a Bowl with Butter

Get a bowl out so that you can mix your butter with your popcorn when they are both finished.

You want to avoid pouring your melted butter directly into the microwave popcorn bag because it won’t have a chance to spread to all the popped kernels and coat your popcorn evenly.

Instead, you’ll be pouring out a small amount of popcorn at a time and using a spoon to spread the butter on the popcorn evenly.

When pouring your popcorn into your mixing bowl, be careful not to pour too much at a time. You want to get a single layer of popcorn in the bowl so that when the butter goes on, it has a chance to come in contact with all the popcorn.

When you have a nice layer, get a spoonful of butter, and drizzle the melted butter over all the popcorn. You don’t need to drown your popcorn in butter as that can make the popcorn soggy.

Once you feel the layer has enough butter, pour some more popcorn into the bowl and repeat the process.

All in all, the process should only take you a minute or two. You don’t want to get too precise because your popcorn is cooling off. The longer you take, the colder your popcorn, and there’s a huge difference between warm popcorn and cold popcorn.

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Tips For Making Microwave Popcorn More Buttery

Top Microwave Popcorn With Butter Spray

For all the true butter lovers out there, you can even use a popcorn seasoning butter spray on your popcorn.

The spray will guarantee an even coating on your popcorn and provide an even coating of butter flavor.

Keep the spray with you while eating because once you eat away the top layer of popcorn, you’ll want to give it another spray or two with your butter.

The spray butter also keeps your popcorn from getting soggy with too much liquid in one area.

Use a Paper Bag to Make Popcorn Extra Buttery

You can make microwave popcorn extra buttery by using a paper bag at the end of the popping process.

Pop your microwave popcorn like normal and wait for it to finish. While you’re waiting, get out a pot and start to melt about half a tablespoon of butter.

Grab a brown paper bag and make sure it is big enough to hold the popcorn and still leave room at the top because you will be folding it.

Once your butter is melted and your popcorn is done popping, drizzle your melted butter all along the insides of the empty paper bag.

Dump your popcorn inside and fold over the top of the bag an inch or two to close the top.

Shake your bag for 10-15 seconds so you can coat all the kernels inside with the butter on the sides of the bag.

When you open your bag, you should have extra buttery popcorn. 

Transfer to a bowl and enjoy.

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Mix Popcorn Without Breaking It

A key to remember is that the butterfly popcorn shape will break if mixed too fast or hard. 

When mixing in a bowl, it is easiest to use a bowl that is a little bigger than you need. Shake it up and towards when mixing to move the popcorn that was closest to you to the bottom. 

Coat that layer of popcorn with butter, shake it up and toward you, and then repeat two more times.  This should give all the popcorn in the bowl an even layer of butter.

When mixing in a bag, it is best to fold the bag over so the popcorn is securely in place and then roll the bag over in your hands instead of shaking it hard. 

You can put the butter along the sides of the bag and then roll the bag. This will allow the popcorn to be evenly coated with butter.

But if you like a ton of butter, like me, you can line the bag and put butter on top of the popcorn, as well.

It may take a few tries to master coating your popcorn without making it soggy, but once you get it right, it is a lifelong skill that will benefit you, as well as your family and friends.

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