Popcorn is one of the most popular snacks that many people eat at least a few times a week. While we all know it’s convenient to make it in the microwave, nothing can match the taste of the homemade version. But what about popping popcorn in a wok?

Making popcorn in a typical pot on the stove can be a bit messy and time consuming. If you’re looking for an easier way to make your popcorn, using a wok is a great option. Not only can it be faster than making it with an ordinary pan, but it’s also an exhilarating way to cook your popcorn.

Think you know how to make popcorn the old-fashioned way? Well, think again! This step-by-step guide will show you how to make delicious popcorn in a wok in just minutes. 

What Is A Wok? 

A wok is a deep, round-bottomed cooking pot. This versatile vessel is perfect for stir-frying, as the steep sides allow ingredients to be tossed and cooked quickly over high heat. While there are many different styles of woks available on the market, all share one common characteristic: they are designed for fast, high-heat cooking, which is perfect for popcorn lovers.

What Ingredients Are Needed To Make Popcorn With A Wok? 

One of the main advantages of making popcorn with a wok is that you only need a few ingredients! While you can use different types of oil, this recipe will use vegetable oil. Other choices could be coconut oil, peanut oil, or even clarified butter. You’ll also need the popcorn kernels, salt (and other seasonings if you desire), one wok, and the lid.

What Type Of Wok Do I Need To Make Popcorn? 

Just like many other household appliances, woks come in different sizes and materials. However, for best results with popcorn, you’ll want to stick with a 14-inch wok that is made out of either cast iron or carbon steel. That size dimension will fit nicely on your stove, and you won’t have to worry about uneven heat distribution.

Ensure you have a lid that adequately covers your wok, or you’ll have popcorn flying all over your kitchen. Woks work very well for popcorn because they are naturally nonstick, lightweight, and have a rapid cooking speed.

How Do I Make Popcorn With A Wok? 

Now that we know the type and size of wok we need, it’s officially time to start making your popcorn.

  1. The first thing you need to do is pour one to two tablespoons of vegetable oil into the base of your wok.
  2. Then turn the heat on your stove to medium-high. It’s important to warm up your pan and oil before adding any popcorn kernels.
  3. Once your oil gets hot, you can slowly add your popcorn kernels. You’ll need about 1/3 cup.
  4. At this point, you can place the lid on the top of your wok, but make sure you keep the heat on the medium-high setting. It won’t be long until you start to hear kernels popping, so don’t be tempted to remove the lid early.
  5. Making popcorn on the wok will take only about 2-3 minutes. Unlike a frying pan that has a flat bottom, you won’t need to shake it to get all the kernels popped. Whether you’re using a cast iron or carbon steel wok, the cooking time may only differ by 20-30 seconds.
  6. If you’re not watching the timer, you can just listen for your popcorn to stop popping.
  7. After three seconds in between pops, you can remove the wok off the heat and take your lid off.
  8. Add melted butter, sea salt, and some ground black pepper for an enhanced flavor. 

Do I Need A Lid To Make Popcorn On A Wok?

Some expert poppers suggest lining your lid with aluminum foil, which isn’t necessary. However, if you like the least amount of cleanup possible, it’s okay to use it if you want. If you don’t have a lid for your wok, it is possible to make it using only the aluminum foil as your makeshift lid.

When you’re using foil for the lid, make sure it completely wraps around your wok. You’ll then need to get a knife to poke a few small vents on the surface to allow for steam to escape. Also, the small openings will keep your popcorn from getting soggy.

Why Does A Wok Work So Well For Making Popcorn? 

You can indeed make popcorn with various stovetop tools, whether it’s a cast-iron skillet or an ordinary frying pan. However, one of the most frustrating parts about making popcorn (whether it’s in the microwave or a regular pan) is the unpopped kernels you have left behind when your batch is finished cooking.

Since woks have a larger surface area, you’re far less likely to leave any unpopped kernels left in your pan. Secondly, another problem that is often encountered while making popcorn on the stove is the possibility of burning it. The sides of any wok slope down, so it makes it much easier to make popcorn without worrying if you’re going to burn some kernels or set off the fire alarm.

 If you are looking for a different way to make your popcorn or just want to try something new, using a wok is definitely the way to go. With just a few simple steps, you can have delicious popcorn that is cooked perfectly every time.

These pans are great because they allow you to cook the popcorn evenly without burning it. Plus, cleanup is a breeze! So be sure to give it a try, and you might just have a new favorite way to make popcorn.

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