If you love barbeque and popcorn, then you have found the perfect in-between! It is very possible that grilled popcorn could become one of your favorite ways to pop popcorn! Grab a few things and get ready to grill a tasty snack.

To pop popcorn on a BBQ grill, a disposable aluminum pan, aluminum foil, oil, and popcorn kernels will be needed. Add the oil and kernels to the aluminum pan and cover it loosely with aluminum foil. Heat the grill and shake the pan occasionally. Toppings/seasonings can then be added.

Once you have all you need and turn up the heat dial, it may also be important to know how to tell when the popcorn has finished popping. There are also some great ways you can make grilling popcorn a fun and tasty experience.

How to Cook Popcorn on a BBQ Cooking Steps

Popcorn from different places seems to have very distinct flavors. Nowhere else can you find that distinct butter flavoring than at the movie theater. The same goes for popcorn you make at home or over a campfire.

Popcorn over the grill also has some distinct flavoring that makes it unique. It often has an ever-so-slightly smokey taste, making it perfect for people who have a liking for BBQ-flavored things.

Well, there are a few short and simple steps that will be helpful as you begin popping your popcorn on the grill! Follow these, or take a few extra spins to make the popcorn just the way you like it.

  1. Gather all of the ingredients (oil or butter, salt, popcorn kernels, pan, aluminum foil)
  2. Put popcorn kernels in the pan. (The best way to do this is to put enough to cover the bottom of the pan but not to stack on top of one another. This way you will have a good portion size and a place for each kernel to feel the heat.)
  3. Drizzle oil or butter over the top—try to get some on every kernel.
  4. Add as much or as little salt as you want.
  5. Put aluminum foil over the top of the pan. Make sure that it is loose enough to provide extra room as the popcorn expands. Secure it on the edges of the pan.
  6. Put the pan on the grill at medium heat.
  7. Wait until you start to hear popping.
  8. Once you hear popping, let it pop for about one minute (shaking it at about 30 seconds with tongs or oven mitts) before removing it from the heat and letting the remainder pop.
  9. Wait until the popping has slowed and then open the tin foil.
  10. Add any extra toppings and seasonings and enjoy!

Each step is quite easy and any person can do it at home. As referenced above, you can actually use different pans as well. A disposable aluminum pan is nice because it can also expand if needed along with the tin foil on top, but if you would prefer, you could actually use other pans like a cast iron pan or skillet. The result will be the same, just as long as you still use tin foil on the top!

Any Tips for Timing the Popcorn on the BBQ?

It may be hard to know the exact timing that you will need on a grill, but after a few experiences of popping popcorn this way, you will have it down in no time at all. As we mentioned, you should put the popcorn on the grill when it is already heated to medium heat.

If it’s too hot, it will scorch the kernels. If it’s too low, it will take ages to start popping. This is why medium is best, but if you like popcorn either of those other ways, then go for it!

Popcorn that is right in the middle will need to be on medium heat and will need to sit there for about 45 to 60 seconds before the popping begins. Once it does, you should let it pop for another 60 to 70 seconds and then remove it from the grill. At about 30 or 40 seconds, you can shake the pan to ensure all the kernels are at the bottom and are exposed to the heat.

Timing will also be changed based on your grill. If your grill heats fast and intensely, it may happen more quickly, or if it heats slowly, you will have to calculate that into the cooking time. Pay attention to how your grill is while heating and make any needed adjustments. You can also pop popcorn in a smoker and close the lid to get an even more smoky flavor.

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What Seasonings Can I Add to My BBQ Popcorn?

If you want to go all the way on this grilling and BBQ thing, there are quite a few great recipes out there for BBQ popcorn. A great one is the following from TaraTeaspoon. On her website, you can find exact measurements and instructions that will help you make the best BBQ popcorn you’ve ever had.

BBQ Popcorn Ingredients

  • Smoked Paprika
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Light Brown Sugar
  • Salt
  • Dried Parsley

A few teaspoons of each of these are bound to make your popcorn taste like a BBQ. Add this to your neighborhood BBQ menu and get popping so the people will come.

The slightly smoky flavor doesn’t only mean that BBQ recipes will work—there are also a variety of other recipes that would greatly benefit from some smokey popcorn. One great one is Maple Bacon Popcorn, where instead of butter, you can top it with some maple syrup and bacon pieces.

There are so many seasonings to try. In addition to the ones mentioned above, you could also add in some sugar with cayenne pepper, making it both spicy and sweet. You could also make it Italian flavored or use chipotle seasoning. Sugar and kettle corn is never a bad route to go either.

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Popcorn can be sweet or savory, and it is easy to cook and season from whatever appliance is most convenient to you! Grab some pans and throw some popcorn on the grill. It is bound to taste great and make a great snack for all of your friends and family. Get grilling!

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