Everyone knows making popcorn in a microwave is quite easy. However, it gets a little tricky when you want to make it from scratch on the stovetop. Have you ever wondered what are the best ways to make one of your favorite snacks on the stove?

For stovetop popcorn, get a heavy plan, oil, and popcorn kernels. Put 2 tablespoons of oil in the pan over med-high heat, put in a couple kernels and once those pop put 1/2 cup kernels into the pot and cover. Once the popping slows remove the pan from the heat, place in a bowl and season to taste.

Your main goal when making popcorn on the stove top is to produce a perfect tasting popcorn. Secondly, you want all the kernels to pop! Read below to discover how to make perfect popcorn every time!

How Do I Make Popcorn With A Heavy Pot? 

This method of making popcorn produces a taste that is hard to beat. First, you’ll need a large saucepan that holds at least three quarts with the corresponding lid. For oil, you can use either extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.

Make sure the bottom of the pan is entirely dry before you start to heat it to prevent oil from flying all over your kitchen. Using medium-low heat, pour 2 tablespoons of your oil and allow it to get hot.

To start, just add a few kernels to the bottom of the pan (about 2-3). This is a good way to tell if your oil is hot enough to pop the rest of the batch. When your initial kernels pop, you can add the rest (1/2 cup).

The remaining kernels need to coat the bottom of the pan. Once you have done this step, it’s very important to take the heavy pot off the heat for about 30 seconds. This step will allow the popcorn to start popping around the same time. 

After waiting about 30 seconds, place your pan on the heat again. Keep your lid on, but make sure there is a small opening to let the steam escape. After a few minutes, you’ll notice the kernels will start making that beautiful sound of popping at the same time.

Once there are more than three seconds between pops, you can remove the popcorn and place it into a big bowl. If you want an easy way to melt butter, use your already hot pan and place 2-3 tablespoons at the bottom. Let it melt, and drizzle it over the popcorn and give it a vigorous toss to make sure every kernel has the same great taste. 

Can You Make Popcorn With A Metal Mixing Bowl On The Stove? 

The famous chef, Alton Brown, made this recipe memorable on the Food Network. First, you’ll  need to get a large metal mixing bowl and place your popcorn kernels on the bottom (use about 1/2 cup).

Bonus tip: Shake popcorn salt on the kernels before you pop it. This method will allow the flavor to penetrate the popcorn for a delicious taste!

Then, use heavy duty aluminum foil and wrap it around the top of your bowl. Using either scissors or a knife, poke some small holes in the aluminum foil to allow the steam to escape. 

You do need to be careful with this method because getting burned by the metal pan can happen quite easily.  Use a pair of heat-resistant tongs or silicone mitts to grab the edge of the bowl.

Immediately after placing the popcorn on the heat, use the tongs to start shaking the kernels (it allows heat to distribute evenly among the kernels). You will keep the gentle shaking movement of the tongs throughout the process to ensure all the kernels get popped.

Once you notice the popping has subsided, keep moving the tongs to pop the remaining pieces and keep the rest from burning.

What Oils Work Best With Stove Top Popcorn? 

Although there are a variety of ways to cook popcorn, nothing quite compares to making it on the stove. The key to great popcorn is using a quality oil. Below are a few options for oil you can use, along with the benefits of each.

  • Coconut oil- This oil starts to smoke around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s just right!. It’s also good for the heart and has proven to help lose belly fat.
  • Olive oil- It has heart healthy fats with a neutral flavor that blends nicely with popcorn.
  • Avocado oil- This type of oil works well if you like a stronger taste. It has a buttery flavor that meshes well with popcorn.
  • Sunflower oil- Using this oil is probably one of the easiest because it doesn’t start to smoke until around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It works well if you’re looking for an alternative to using butter.
  • Canola oil- If you’re looking for the healthiest option out there, using canola oil is probably it. This oil has the lowest amount of saturated fat compared to others that you may use for popcorn. 

Why Does Stove Top Popcorn Taste Better? 

If you’ve ever wondered why movie theater popcorn tastes out of this world, it’s because it’s popped in oil.  Secondly, all the kernels are able to get cooked evenly. Popped kernels can rise to the top, which allows them to stay fluffy and tender.

Also, they can be much healthier than the chemicals that are often found in the microwaved variety. You can also experiment with fresh herbs such as rosemary and oregano to add some more health benefits! 

If you’ve been thinking about making popcorn on the stovetop, you’ll get a flavorful award! Yes, it will take a few more minutes than tossing a bag in the microwave, but the taste difference is undeniable. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed! 

Tip: We like to put our melted butter in an olive oil spray bottle and spray the popcorn in the bowl, it gets an even coating of butter

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