Popcorn is easy to make at home. You may be tempted to start making popcorn on a corn cob, but first, you want to figure out whether or not you can pop a corn cob.

You can pop popcorn on a corn cob but you can only use popcorn on the cob. A popcorn cob is the only cob that pops popcorn. The sweet corn on the cob is too moist and does not pop like popcorn which is a different variety of corn.

Keep reading to learn exactly how to make popcorn on the cob. 

Can I Use Sweet Corn To Make Popcorn On The Cob?

You can only popcorn on the cob to make popcorn. Popcorn kernels are the only corn type that will pop into popcorn. A regular ear of corn pop will not pop, even if you dry them.

Sweet corn is the type of corn you’ll find at your local supermarket produce section. Sweet corn is known as corn on the cobb as it is a staple in many homes but it won’t pop. Field corn, which is used in meals like tortilla chips, won’t work either. Popcorn cobs are the only ones that will pop. 

Where Can I Buy Popcorn Cobs?

You can buy popcorn cobs at your local farmers’ market. If you don’t have a farmers’ market nearby, you can check for popcorn cobs at your local grocery store. You can also find popcorn on the cob on Amazon from many different companies if you can’t find it local.

Because popcorn is dried, buying fresh is not as much of a concern as say purchasing avocados that usually don’t taste good past their ripeness.

Can I Make Popcorn Cobs In The Microwave?

Popcorn is a fun and nutritious snack to create. This method of preparing popcorn directly from dried corn on the cob adds a new dimension of enjoyment to the kitchen. 

You can make popcorn on a corn cob in the microwave by spreading butter on a dried corn cob and later putting it into a brown bag. Check out your local farm stand for dried corn for your popcorn.

Follow the steps below to guide you:

  1. Remove the silks from your corn and use butter to coat it.
  2. Place the corn in a brown paper bag and seal it tightly. 
  3. Put the bag into a second bag, with the bottom ends facing in opposite directions. 
  4. Cook it for 4 minutes at 50 to 75 percent power in the microwave. Depending on your microwave, there may be some trial and error. 

Can I Make Popcorn Cobs On A Stove?

You can make popcorn on a stove by placing the corn cob in the pan, covering it, and waiting for it to pop. To make enough popcorn for you to enjoy, use two corn cobs. Make sure your pan is big enough for the popcorn.

Follow the steps below to make your popcorn on a stove:

  1. Place two popcorn cobs in the pan
  2. Cover the pan and wait for the popcorn to pop
  3. Once half the kernels pop, remove the pan from the heat
  4. Remove the popped kernels from the pan to avoid burning and set them aside
  5. Replace the cobs to the pan and replace on the heat and let them continue to cook

Note: I am not a fan of this method as I always seem to burn the popcorn cob and/or the kernels

How Can I Start Growing My Own Popcorn Cobs? 

Growing your own popcorn can be very fun, even as fun as eating it.

You can start growing your own popcorn by planting popcorn seeds, fertilizing them, and ensuring you scrape soil from between the rows. Also, harvest the husks to ensure they turn brown.

Here are some popcorn growing tips: 

  • Plant popcorn seeds in five or four short rows at roughly 36 inches (91 cm) apart. You should plant the popcorn seeds an inch deep (2.5 cm) plus six inches (15 cm) apart.
  • Thin the plants to twelve inches apart when they reach a height of five inches (12.7 cm).
  • Fertilize lightly right before rain in midsummer to provide a growth boost. 
  • Scrape soil from between the rows and hill the stalks up six or five inches when they’re approximately knee-high. Hilling increases the soil’s nutritional value, which enables the plants to grow as best they can. 
  • Harvest the husks so that they cover the ears and turn brown. It’s not ripe yet if you can press the tip of your finger into a kernel. 

How Do I Harvest My Popcorn Cobs?

Harvest and dry your cobs when the tassels on the husks of the cobs have darkened. Remove the outer husk and tassel debris by cutting the cobs with a bit of excess stalk and carefully removing the outer husk and tassel debris.

While it’s feasible to let the cobs dry naturally on the plants before harvesting, this necessitates dry autumn. The second problem of drying on the plant is that if mice discover the drying cobs, they’ll destroy them. 

How Do I Store And Dry My Popcorn Cobs?

It’s best to store and dry your popcorn cobs by hanging them as they dry best when hung up. The stems of the cobs are tough, so drill a small hole through the stem before threading through a length of fuse wire. Hang the cobs up in a warm, well-ventilated area light or dark doesn’t matter! 

When the kernels are completely dry, they’ll begin to fall from the cobs, and you’ll be able to rub them off with your thumb. 

A few crinkled silks, plus some chaff and cob debris, will be mixed in with the kernels no matter how well you husk and shell your corn. Because this debris can cause the popped corn to burn, it’s advisable to clean each one separately. 


You can make popcorn from a cob, but only if the cob is specifically a popcorn cob (sweetcorn and other varieties won’t pop). It’s relatively easy to make popcorn from corn cob, and it can be done using a stove or microwave. You can purchase popcorn cobs from a local farmers’ market, Amazon, or you can grow your own.

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