I remember when the store brands were not that popular and they were honestly not that good. Now, many store brands are made by top level brands so the quality has improved. Even regular store brands have much better quality in their own right. So it makes sense that now a days a store brand popcorn can compete with the top brands.

Walmart Great Value Kettle Corn was excellent and tasted great. The ingredients are the same ingredients used for making kettle corn at home with no additives. The sweet and salty mix was perfect and left no greasy fingers. The packaging was the only thing not perfect about this bag of popcorn.

We enjoyed this bag of popcorn and the only thing that keeps me from eating it everyday is the fact that the closest Walmart always runs out.

Our Rating Score and Verdict for Great Value Kettle Corn:

This popcorn surprised us by how good it was and we ate it all. We did not expect the popcorn to be so flavorful and light.

Popcorn Rating:

Great Value Kettle Corn earned a 5 Kernel Score. This means we were extremely satisfied with our purchase.

  • 5 Kernels = Extremely Satisfied
  • 4 Kernels = Very Satisfied
  • 3 Kernels = Neutral
  • 2 Kernels = Slightly Satisfied
  • 1 Kernel = Not At All Satisfied

Popcorn Verdict:

We would buy this again. We liked the taste and texture of the popcorn. The packaging colors are really the only thing I would mark off and that just means I wouldn’t use it for a gift basket but still buy it and eat it all myself.

What Are The Ingredients in Great Value Kettle Corn ?

We like that the ingredients are the same that we use when making homemade kettle corn. It contains popcorn, sugar, vegetable oil(canola oil and/or corn oil and/or sunflower oil), and salt. There are no additives or preservatives.

Where Did We Purchase Great Value Kettle Corn ?

We purchased Great Value Kettle Corn from our local Walmart as it is Walmart’s Brand and only available there. We purchased it in the store so we could control the transit to our office to open and test the popcorn so we know we didn’t smash the bag.

How Was The Packaging For Great Value Kettle Corn ?

The bag is a rust color bag with orange and yellow star bursts on the front. It has a kettle of popcorn and a salt shaker on the front.

Honestly, the packaging was not desirable at all. It looks unappealing and inexpensive. For as great as the popcorn tasted we were all dissapointed in the packaging. I would not put this in a gift basket even though the kettle corn was fantasic. Now to eat at home, the packaging doesn’t matter as much as the flavor.

The bag had the typical amount of popcorn in it about 3/4 of the bag. It had broken pieces but I have never opened a bag of popcorn without broken popcorn in it.

What Was Our Experience With Great Value Kettle Corn ?

We easily opened the bag and poured the content into a clear glass bowl. The popcorn was fluffy and white and shiny from the sugar. There was no transfer to our fingers from the salt and sugar.

Everyone that tasted it, like it, and thought it was fantastic. Seconds were taken and eaten.

We did notice the broken pieces at the bottom of the bowl but there were not a lot and all the little pieces also got eaten.

What Was the Taste of Great Value Kettle Corn ?

The sweet and salty mix with the crunch of the popcorn was delicious. No one had popcorn stuck in their teeth after eating it.

Everyone wanted to know if there was another bag of Great Value Kettle Corn to eat.

Who Is The Target Audience For Great Value Kettle Corn ?

The target audience is definitely anyone that likes kettle corn. It can also be for someone that has not yet tasted kettle corn because if they like popcorn, sugar and salt then they will like this product.

What Is Our Perspective On Great Value Kettle Corn ?

Taste/Flavor:  Salty and sweet with a nice crunchy texture

Freshness:  We bought it at our local Walmart and it tasted fresh

Amount of Hulls:  Did not notice hulls gettting stuck in our teeth

Left over Kernels: We counted less than 10 kernels at the bottom of the bag

Ease of Use/Preparation: It came in a bag ready to eat, simple to open and eat

Our PROS And CONS Of Great Value Kettle Corn:

Gluten-free, vegan Broken pieces
No high-fructose corn syrup
Cholesterol-free, no preservatives, no artifical colors

Great Value Kettle Corn Facts:

FactsProduct Information
Product NameWalmart Great Value Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn
Popcorn Color – When PoppedWhite
Popcorn Size – When PoppedMedium
Shape of Kernel – When PoppedButterfly
Total Fat7g
Total Carbohydrates18g
Dietary Fiber2g
Total Sugars6g
Package Dimensions3.5 x 10.25 x 13.00 inches (L x W x H)
Package Weight8 oz

Great Value Kettle Korn – Competitor’s:

There are a number of ready to eat Kettle Corn Bags that compete with Great Value Kettle Corn.

  • Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Korn – click here for the review
  • Kroger Kettle Corn
  • Popcorn Indiana Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn
  • SkinnyPop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn
  • Smartfood Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn
  • Stosh’s Classic Kettle Corn
  • Popcornopolis Kettle Corn

How Do We Rate The Products That We Review?

We will try any popcorn once but to for us to buy it again it takes more criteria than just being popcorn. Our goal is to give you our honest feedback on each product.

We conduct our own research, meaning we purchase it, we unpack it, we make it, use it and/or taste it and then we rate it. We pay attention to ease of ordering or finding the product at the store. We rate the packaging and the quality of the product as it is removed from the packaging.

We rate the taste and the flavor of the popcorn. If the products are not edible, then we rate the look and feel of the product and ease of use.

For popcorn, we review the freshness of the product and the amount of hulls once popped and any remaining kernels in the bag or bowl. If we make the popcorn, then we rate the ease of preparation.

We rate the ingredients of the product, and the product gets a bonus point when there are no additives.

The overall experience is also rated from end to end, from purchasing the item to cleaning up our dishes.

We also look at the pros and cons of each product and reflect if there is anything the company can do to improve and if so then we mention it the review.

You can trust that you will receive our 100% honest opinion on the product. We do not get reimbursed by any company for the reviews.

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