Caramel has a naturally gooey and chewy texture, so it makes sense for caramel popcorn to reflect that. Many caramel popcorn lovers enjoy the chewy texture. However, sometimes caramel popcorn can be overly chewy and off-putting.

Caramel popcorn is naturally chewy because it’s covered with caramel sauce. It can also be too chewy if not cooked long enough. Overly thick or saucy caramel can also lead to this problem. Additionally, improperly storing your popcorn is another reason why caramel popcorn can be too chewy. 

Caramel’s popcorn’s chewy texture is an enjoyable treat for some, and many people strive to make their caramel popcorn chewy and delicious. However, sometimes caramel popcorn is too tough for some people to enjoy. If your caramel popcorn is too chewy, consider making a few adjustments to give your popcorn some more crunch.

What Makes Caramel Popcorn So Chewy?

Caramel popcorn is chewy mainly because of the caramel addition. Caramel is a gooey substance that stretches and sticks easily to other foods. Caramel melts quickly, and when it covers other foods, it can make them chewier than they usually are. 

The chewiness is natural and even desired in caramel popcorn. Many people love soft, chewy popcorn that melts in your mouth. After all, isn’t smoothness and silkiness the whole draw of caramel sauce?

However, some people want caramel popcorn with a little more crunch. And if you find that your caramel popcorn is too chewy to the point where you can’t enjoy it, then there might be other problems at hand. Here are some of the main reasons why you may be encountering this problem:

You’re Cooking Caramel Popcorn At The Wrong Temperature

If your caramel popcorn is too soft and feels overly chewy, you may have cooked it at the wrong temperature. Most popcorn is chewy because the cooking temperature was too low. It would be best if you generally cooked caramel popcorn around 250 degrees. If the cooking temperature is too low, the popcorn can become soft and chewy. 

When the popcorn cools, it should have a dry coat of caramel instead of being covered in a caramel sauce. Covering popcorn with any sauce will soften it and make it chewy. Make sure your oven is hot enough so that the caramel can solidify when it cools.

You’re Not Storing Your Caramel Popcorn Properly

Caramel popcorn can become chewy and stale if it’s not stored correctly. If your caramel popcorn has been sitting for a while, you might find that it has a chewy texture. To remedy this, keep your caramel popcorn in an air-tight container. 

Caramel popcorn can stay crisp and retain much of its flavor over long periods when stored properly. If you purchased your popcorn, keep it in its original sealed container. If you homemade the caramel popcorn, put it in a resealable bag or container where air can’t get to it. Leave as little air in your container as possible. You might need to transfer your popcorn to a smaller container as you eat it.

How To Fix Overly Chewy Caramel Popcorn?

Luckily, for those looking after that signature popcorn crunch, there are a few simple, but very effective ways to fix your overly chewy caramel popcorn. 

You can fix overly chewy popcorn by softening your caramel sauce, heating it for longer, baking the popcorn for some additional time, or skipping the baking soda when making caramel.

More on these solutions in the following sections.

Soften Your Caramel

Caramel is naturally chewy. But if you find that the caramel itself is too chewy for your liking before you add it to the popcorn, you can change the caramel. Adding fat or protein to your caramel can help soften it and reduce its chewy texture. Milk powder is an excellent option for softening up your caramel. 

Additionally, you can add milk or heavy cream to your caramel and put it in the microwave to help soften it. Over the stove, you can add water to the caramel to soften and liquefy it. Adding milk, water, or heavy cream to your desired cooking method can help smooth out and soften your caramel before adding it to your caramel corn.

Heat Your Caramel For Longer

Sometimes you need to heat your caramel mixture longer, especially if you’re hand making it. Homemade caramel corn usually requires a homemade syrup that turns into caramel. If the syrup is too thick, it’ll turn out chewy. Try heating your syrup mixture a little longer before mixing it with the popcorn. The heat will thin out the syrup so that it’s not thick and chewy.

Bake The Caramel Popcorn Longer

If you like your caramel popcorn crunchier than most, or if you find that your popcorn is consistently chewy, bake your caramel popcorn longer than the recipe calls for. You might have to play with various cooking times and test your popcorn along the way. But baking your caramel popcorn for 10 or 20 minutes can yield crunchier popcorn. 

Skip The Baking Soda When Making Your Caramel

Many recipes call for adding baking soda after you make your caramel mixture. Adding baking soda to the caramel is beneficial for those who want chewy caramel popcorn. Adding baking soda causes a reaction between the brown sugar and corn syrup in the caramel popcorn. 

Small air bubbles of carbon dioxide form in the syrup, making the caramel softer. When you bite into the caramel popcorn, you bite into the air bubbles instead of directly into the caramel. If your caramel popcorn is too chewy, you can skip the baking soda in your recipe for crunchy caramel popcorn. 


Caramel Popcorn is chewy because of the caramel sauce that’s on it. Caramel is a naturally chewy substance, so adding it to your popcorn will make it chewier, especially when it’s fresh and homemade. 

People who don’t like chewy popcorn can adjust their recipes to fit their needs. Sometimes you need to change your cooking temperature or make your caramel a little less “saucy” so that the popcorn doesn’t come out soggy and chewy.

Chewy caramel popcorn isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Many people prize caramel popcorn’s chewy texture because it’s soft and melts quickly in your mouth.

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