Popcorn Seasoning

Americans today consume approximately 17.3 billion quarts of popped popcorn every year. This tasty treat is popular for all ages, whether you are watching a movie, looking for a snack after school, or simply craving something salty.

Seasoning your popcorn when it is hot, along with using oil or melted butter to spray the popcorn first will help your seasoning stick.  Once you have moistened the popcorn, you can add your seasoning and mix.  Be careful not to mix too hard or fast or you can break up the popcorn kernels.

To change up or enhance the flavor of popcorn, many snackers find themselves adding seasoning including garlic salt, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, garlic powder, white cheddar, and ranch.  This article will give you tips and tricks to get your seasoning to stick to your popcorn.

How Do I Get Seasoning to Stick on My Popcorn?

To get the seasoning to stick to your popcorn, you’ll want to add it while the popcorn is hot. First, you will need to moisten the popcorn. For this step, most people rely on the perfect popcorn topper, butter.

Put your hot popcorn in a mixing bowl, coat it in butter, and then add the seasoning. Stir the popcorn around with a spoon or a small spatula. 

If you don’t want to dirty any dishes while covering your popcorn in butter and seasoning, try using a paper bag instead. Put the popcorn in the paper bag, pour on the butter, and then mix in the seasoning.

Instead of using a spatula to stir the popcorn, you can simply shake the bag.  I would recommend that you gently hold the bag and turn it over a few times to avoid breaking the popcorn up into little pieces if you shake it too hard.

What Kind of Seasoning Sticks Best to Popcorn?

While there is no one flavor of seasoning that will stick best to popcorn, the best type to use is powdered seasonings. The finer the grains of your seasoning, the better chance it will have of sticking well to your popcorn.

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How Can I Coat My Popcorn in Butter?

Too much butter on your popcorn will make it soggy, which isn’t the ideal way to serve this tasty treat. To ensure that your popcorn doesn’t become soggy when you add butter, try using a mister, which is available at online and brick-and-mortar retailers around the country. This will help to ensure there is a thin layer of butter on your popcorn, and the seasoning will to stick better.

How Can Seasoning Stick to Popcorn w/o Butter?

If you want the seasoning to stick to your popcorn without the extra calories that butter brings, there are several alternatives to consider, including fresh lime juice, Tabasco sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, water, saltwater, non-stick cooking spray, coconut oil, and olive oil. 

Can I Make Seasonings That Will Stick to Popcorn?

Yes! The trick is to grind your homemade seasonings up into a fine powder using a spice grinder, food processor, blender, or mortar and pestle. 

Does Steaming Popcorn Help the Seasoning Sticks?

You can steam your popcorn to help it be better seasoned. To steam your popcorn, simply follow these steps:

  • Fill a pan with boiling water.
  • Put the popcorn in a colander and place it over the boiling water.
  • Toss or stir your popped popcorn in the colander.
  • As you toss the popcorn, sprinkle over your seasonings. 
  • After 30 seconds of steaming over the water, take the popcorn off the heat and continue to toss. This will prevent the popcorn from getting soggy.

Will Baking My Popcorn Help the Seasoning Sticks?

This will work and start by moistening the popcorn and mixing in your selected seasoning. From there, you can spread out the popcorn on a baking sheet and stick it in a preheated oven for a few minutes. This will bake in the seasoning while making the popcorn crispier.

Will Seasoning Stick to Dry Popcorn? 

Typically, if you add popcorn seasoning to popcorn that hasn’t been moistened, it will just fall to the bottom of your bowl. This will also happen if you don’t add enough liquid to the popcorn. 

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Can I Infuse Oil With My Popcorn Seasoning?

Yes. Combine the oil with your choice of seasoning in a small saucepan. Cook it over medium to low heat for about 5 minutes. Next, remove it from the stovetop and let it cool to room temperature. If you make too much, these seasonings can often be refrigerated, reheated, and used for your next bowl of popcorn. 

How To Get the Seasoning to Stick to Cold Popcorn?

While it is easier to get the seasoning to stick to popcorn that is still hot, you can try to revive cold popcorn, though it may not work as well. Start by adding moisture to the popcorn, again with melted butter, butter spray, or one of the alternatives listed above for butter. Next, mix your seasoning selection with the moistened popcorn. 

How Much Butter and Seasoning to Use on Popcorn?

It is recommended that you pour 2 tablespoons of melted butter over 10 cups of popcorn. For the seasoning, add 3 to 4 tablespoons of your selection. From there you can add more to your preference. 

Will Honey Help the Seasoning Stay on the Popcorn?

Yes, honey is a delicious option for popcorn. Mix the honey with melted, unsalted butter and salt, pour over the popcorn, and stir together so that it is evenly coated. You can add other seasonings such as cinnamon and brown sugar. The honey will make sure these seasonings stick to your popcorn. 

There is nothing better than well-seasoned popcorn. Following these tips will help ensure your popcorn is a tasty treat that your entire family will enjoy. 

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